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The Bemis Group is a global leader in developing and producing high quality, responsible packaging.

ERA Group were engaged by The Bemis Group to optimize the transportation expenses (road, sea and air) across Europe.

Through significant data gathering and analysis, the team from ERA was able to provide a number of solutions for the Purchasing Manager at Bemis, Yannick Magnon, to choose from. Substantial savings were generated in relation to transport costs and in many cases, the existing supplier was challenged but retained. Where necessary, new suppliers were brought in to compliment the resources and facilities needed to outsource transport costs to produce a more efficient process within the company.

Download the full Bemis Group case study today to explore the specific details of savings made and how we achieved this.

Download The Bemis Group Case Study

The Bemis Group case study provides specific details covering how we supported their business and the results it generated. Download the full case study today and begin learning how ERA can benefit your organisation.

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