The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a celebration of the values of the franchise industry and network. BFW is an award given to the best franchisees in the world on a yearly basis. The competition focuses on franchisees, partners or entrepreneurs who demonstrate professionalism and dedication to the values of their Franchisor’s network.

The aim of the competition is to designate, every year, the best franchisee or partner of each Franchisor and to determine the best 5 affiliates in the world.

This year, during Milan’s annual franchise exhibition, Expense Reduction Analysts decided to elect Alfredo Longo as their nominated candidate.

Alfredo Longo Best Franchisee Award

Since he joined ERA in 2012, Alfredo’s business has continued to grow year on year and he has become a valuable member of the ERA Italian network. His nomination is a result of his hard-work and dedication to ERA as a franchise but also to his fellow franchisees both in the national and international network.

Alfredo Longo Best Franchisee Award

Nominated during the exhibition along with twelve other franchisees from various companies around Italy, Alfredo advanced to the world final held in Firenze as one of three finalists. He was accompanied by ERA Country Director, Carlo Maraz-Galassi.

The illustrious event showcased some of the biggest names in the franchising industry and proved to be a well-organised and entertaining event. However the evening was only just getting started.

As the various nominees and finalists filtered, one by one, on and off the main stage, eventually there was only one prize left – the much-coveted ‘Best Franchisee of the World’ award. With the President of the Italian Franchise Association in attendance, Alfredo’s name was announced as the 2017 winner of the ‘Best Franchisee of the World’.

Alfredo’s commitment and enthusiasm has long been well-recognised within the network and we are delighted that Alfredo has received the recognition that his hard work merits.

On behalf of everyone at Expense Reduction Analysts, we wish Alfredo all the very best and thank him for his support over the years.

Complimenti Alfredo!