At a recent Board meeting of Assofranchising (the Italian Franchise Association) in Milan, Valentina Bianchini (Head of Network Development in Italy) was voted as the newest representative and will join the Board of Directors representing the interests of the Franchising Industry in Italy.

The appointment represents a new strategy for AssoFranchising in 2018 and also makes Valentina the first female member of the Board.

Italo Bussoli, President of Assofranchising, spoke of Valentina’s recent appointment;“The choice of electing Valentina Bianchini to the Board of Directors as a representative of Expense Reduction Analysts will make a significant contribution to the associative action in the interest of the whole Franchising sector”.

Valentina Bianchini brings to Assofranchising significant experience in the development of franchising and commercial networks.

“I am honored, as the only woman in the Council, to be able to provide a female perspective. We know that franchising in Italy represents a winning business model and, furthermore, for female entrepreneurship franchising represents a fantastic opportunity for success in the business world”said Valentina.

In Italy, according to data from Assofranchising, 38% of women are franchised entrepreneurs. This is a considerable figure and only serves to highlight the benefits of this industry and the attraction it inspires when thinking about becoming self-employed.

Carlo Maraz Galassi, Country Director of Expense Reduction Analysts for Italy, added: “Italy represents an enormous opportunity for us and the entry into the Board of Assofranchising honors us. 2017 has been a year of great successes and growth for ERA in Italy, and the commercial proposition of Expense Reduction Analysts, combined with the franchise model, has proven to be more relevant than ever”.

Expense Reduction Analysts represents a uniqueness in the Italian market: it is in fact a business format franchise consisting of a network of professionals who work sharing the same model of business using common methodologies and tools united by a single international brand.

Fred Marfleet, founder of Expense Reduction Analysts and Chairman of the company echoed the sentiments: “We are proud to have an important role in Assofranchising and we will strive to support and make our resources available to empower and develop the franchising industry in Italy.”