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ERA is a leading global cost optimization consultancy, with the resources to help you reduce costs; enhance quality and service delivery; improve supplier relationships; assess your internal processes; meet compliance targets and demonstrate to other stakeholders that you are achieving best value.

Our risk-free approach enables businesses like yours to engage with us and generate significant cost savings and innovative new ways of working with suppliers, thanks to the skills of our global network of more than 700 consultants.

Explore the information below which demonstrates why cost optimization is a massive opportunity for your commercial growth and financial security, and it starts with a conversation.

The Benefits to your Business of Working with ERA

  • Significant cost savings: Our savings average circa 20% across all projects undertaken, typically including an improvement in the quality or service levels enjoyed by you
  • No on-going time or resource commitments needed from you: ERA has a global network of more than 700 specialised consultants who provide your business with the time and resource needed to achieve successful cost saving projects
  • Rapid results: ERA brings expert resource to each review, which in some cases can take less than 10 weeks to reach a point where options to reduce costs can be presented
  • No up front costs or budget needed: We operate on a "no savings, no fee" basis, meaning if we can't find any savings then you don't pay anything. All of our fees come entirely from the savings we generate so you don't need a budget and there's no up front costs
  • Independence: While we are an influential force within the supply chain, we are immune to influence from suppliers. We have the ability to approach the whole market on your behalf, unrestricted by agreements or preferred suppliers
  • Implementation experience: ERA project teams have implemented thousands of projects across thousands of clients. You can be assured of our ability to make change happen without it being distracting to the core focus of your organisation
  • Maximise your time: Our experts take care of everything so you can stay focused on the other priorities of your business whilst we save you money and generate more cash

Our journey to Becoming Carbon Negative

Delivering tailored solutions to benefit business health and growth, advising on industry-specific best practices and reducing costs is what ERA does, but we believe in going further and being a business that is also a force for good.

Offsetting our own footprint is one thing, but the opportunity to do more lies in what we can deliver to our clients. Often, we deliver sustainability alongside our savings.

Our Carbon Negative Journey

Why ERA is Relevant to You

Many organisations believe that if their suppliers are meeting the service and quality levels required to maintain operations and their overall spend is within budget parameters, everything is working well.

But what if your spend is actually higher than the market rate?

Without external validation of pricing and service level arrangements, it’s impossible to know. Our independent analysis ensures you are receiving best value and not wasting money on unnecessary over payments.

ERA has been delivering sustainable cost savings to businesses around the world for more than 30 years. Our global network of consultants have completed thousands of successful projects, resulting in more cash and better services for our clients.

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