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What the CFO and CPO should agree on
(but don't always address)

6 Core Topics for Settings and Achieving Indirect Cost Management Goals

Both Finance and Procurement touch upon the workings of all functions throughout the organisation. They both have entangled financial responsibilities and therefore should speak each other’s language and understand and respect their complementary role.

Given the cascading down of a company’s financial objectives, the Procurement strategy should be aligned with the CFO’s long-term plan.

Within this whitepaper I explore six core topics including accountability, processes and spending visibility to help companies achieve their indirect cost management goals.

There’s also some agenda topic suggestions to help prepare for your next CFO/CPO meeting.

About the Author: Peter de Heer, partner with ERA Group in Brussels, is a senior  business manager, building on a long standing international career with various  Fortune 500 companies. He has accomplished a wide range of cross-functional business, procurement and general management assignments in several countries in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Latin America. He is focused on achieving a high degree of process and value efficiency for his clients.

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Explore six core topics for settings and achieving indirect cost management goals for your business.

What the CFO and CPO should agree on (but don't always address)
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